Recently Added Collar Fabrics

Here you can find the most recently added fabrics for collars

All the fabrics state the fabric design name and what collar width they are suitable for. Please take note of this as not all fabrics are suitable for all widths of collars

This is just a fabric gallery, you can order the collars through the create your own collar listing here

Some of the fabric images also show examples of collars made up in the fabrics. If there are any images with arrows on you can press the arrows to scroll to the collar example images

Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. For further information please refer to the colour disclaimer here

Grey Snowmen
Skeleton Bones (glow in the dark)
Orange Ghosts (glow in the dark)
Halloween Pumpkins
Over the Rainbow
Rainbow Swirls
Rainbow Cosmos
Pastel Marble
Fall Foliage
Winter Cardinals
Swirling Snowflakes
Holly Plaid
Winter Holly
Aqua Christmas
Nice Green
Naughty Red
Nice Red
Honey Pots Blue
Bad to the Bone
Purple Lava
Star Cluster
Crescent Moons
Surprised Ghosts (glow in the dark)
Neon Ghosts (Glow in the Dark)
Christmas Candy
Festive Friends
Pastel Tie Dye
Garden Gnomes
Treat Bones
Ink Splash
Paint Splatter
Olive You
Love Hearts
Christmas Sprouts
Juicy Fruits
Halloween Plaid
Pumpkin Vines (glow in the dark)
Grey Spiders
Orange Spiders
Green Bats (glow in the dark)
Orange Bats
Black Bats
Purple Spiders (glow in the dark)
Happy Ghosts
Halloween Stamps
Halloween Hexes
Spooky Words (glow in the dark)
Fat Plumpkins
Mustard Hearts
Otterly Adorable
Kiss me I'm Irish
Leg Day
Suns out Tongues out
Boo Ghosts
Cutie Cactus
Ball is Life Blue
Ball is Life Pink
feather leaves
Floral Hounds
starry night
dotty spirals
Fat Bumbles
Rainbow Leopard
Rainbow Hounds
Coffee Time
Red lumberjack
  • Wavy Rainbow Stripes
  • wavy rainbow stripes collar
    tutti fruiti hearts
    leopard pink
    leopard blue
    Comic A
    Comic B
    Comic C
    Grey Comic Book
    Rainbow Dragon Scales
    Space Orbs
    stars of the rainbow
    blue lightning bolts
    pink ligtnning bolts
    pink mini monsters
    blue mini monsters
    Christmas sloths
    honey pots
    magic marbles
    mustard lumberjack
    pink mini owls
    Blue Lava
    Summer Blooms
    Rainbow Sparks
    Constellations Glow in the Dark
    Autumn Butterflies
    Birds of Paradise
    fish scales
    Rainbow Brushstrokes
    Dark Space
    Baby Pink & Black Tartan
    Baby Pink Tartan
    Beige and Red Tartan
    Black & White Houndstooth
    Black & White Tartan
    Blackwatch Tartan
    Caramel Tartan
    Grey Tartan
    hot pink & grey tartan
    hot pink metallic tartan
    hot pink tartan
    lime & Grey tartan
    multicoloured check
    mustard and grey tartan
    orange and grey tartan
    orange tartan
    plume and green tartan
    purple and grey tartan
    punky pink check
    purple metallic tartan
    red and green tartan
    red metallic tartan
    royal blue tartan
    lime & Grey tartan
    royal stewart tartan
    turquoise and grey tartan
    turquoise metallic tartan
    turquoise tartan
    wine & beige tartan
    yellow tartan
    pink dino bones
    space dinos
    mini blue dinos
    mini pink dinos
    90's swirls
    autumnal harvest
    Starry Sky Magenta
    Christmas Cookies
    Blue Metallic Hearts
    Purple Metallic Hearts
    Shooting Stars
    Pearly Purple Rainbows
    Koi Fish
    Komiks Black
    Komiks Blue
    • Space Galaxy
    • Space Galaxy - Suitable for 1, 1.5 and 2 inch collars
      Sunflower Toss Dark
      sunflower toss light
      Lost in Space
      metallic lava
      Mini Holly
      Santa Sleigh
      Diagonal Rainbow Stripes
      Green Swirls
      Golden Stars Blue
      Golden Stars Green
      Pink Ducks
      Starry Sky Purple
      pansy paradise
      pansy party
      Rainbow Starstripe
      Spring Beauty
      • Wild Meadow - Suitable for 1, 1.5 and 2 inch collars
      • Wild Meadow
        Sparkle Rainbow
        Ladybirds and Daisies
        Mini Pansies
        Peacock Wings
        Black Multipaws
        • Hello Sunshine - Sutiable for 1.5 and 2 inch collars
        • Hello Sunshine
          Carnival Paisley
          mint pizza
          Pink Pizza
          poomoji pink
          Poomoji Teal
          Buzzin' Bees
          Candy Rainbows
          foxyloxy navy
          Garden Serenade
          Green Pansies
          Leopard Mint
          Leopard Yellow
          Marble Galaxy
          • Chalkboard Hearts
          • Chalkboard Hearts
            Green Bananas
            Yellow Bananas
            Lightning Bolts
            Pastel Unicorns
            purple supernova
            Beautiful Blooms
            Paint Palettes
            Rainbow Brollies
            Giant Jellybeans
            pastel galaxy
            • Galaxy Dinos
            • Galaxy Dinos
              Wooden Ladybirds
              Galaxy Bokkah
              Floral Bokkah
              Irish Phrases
              • Tie Dynos
              • Tie Dynos
                Pink Dino Party
                • Green Dino Party - Suitable for all collar widths
                • Green Dino Party
                  Black Dino Party
                  Blue Dino Party
                  Metallic Pyramids
                  Mini Bees
                  • Summer Bumble
                  • Summer Bumble
                    2" collars will show the full pattern, smaller widths will have partial pattern showing
                    Tie Dye
                    Mini Shamrocks
                    Heart Scatter
                    Multi Mini Hearts
                    Ditsy Daffs
                    • Aurora
                    • Aurora Collar
                      • Navy Swirls
                      • Navy Swirls
                        Wonky Jigsaw
                        Rainbow Paws
                        • Purple Llamacorns - Suitable for 1, 1.5 and 2 inch collars
                        • Purple Llamacorns
                          • Pink Llamacorns - Suitable for 1, 1.5 and 2 inch collars
                          • Pink Llamacorns
                            • Red Picasso Hounds - Suitable for all collar widths
                            • Red Picasso Hounds
                              Green Picasso Hounds
                              • Black Picasso Hounds - Suitable for all collar widths
                              • Black Picasso Hounds
                                • Yellow Picasso Hounds - Suitable for all collar widths
                                • Yellow Picasso Hounds
                                  Pink Picasso Hounds
                                  • Purple Picasso Hounds - Suitable for all collar widths
                                  • Purple Picasso Hounds
                                    • Pink Mini Fried Eggies - Suitable for all collar widths
                                    • Pink Mini Fried Eggies
                                      Blue Mini Fried Eggies
                                      Black Mini Fried Eggies
                                      Ladybug Meadow
                                      • Mint Llamacorns - Suitable for 1, 1.5 and 2 inch collars
                                      • Mint Llamacorns
                                        • Surprised Avocados - Suitable for 1, 1.5 and 2 inch collars
                                        • Surprised Avocados