Animals Fabrics

Here you can find all the animals fabric for collars

All the fabrics state the fabric design name and what collar width they are suitable for. Please take note of this as not all fabrics are suitable for all widths of collars

This is just a fabric gallery, you can order the collars through the create your own collar listing here

Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. For further information please refer to the colour disclaimer here

pink sloths
Blue Sloths
Chilled Sloths
Leapings Frogs
Beach Crabs
Holiday Crabs
Pink Holiday Crabs
Green Holiday Crabs
Harvest Mice Dark Pink
Harvest Mice Cream
Bright Elephants
Otterly Adorable
Playful Otters
Mini Hedgehogs
Purple Hedgehogs
Blue Jolly Sheep
Green Jolly Sheep
Pink Jolly Sheep
Grey Sheep Scatter
Sage Sheep Scatter
Pink Sheep Scatter
Sheep Faces
Sheepish Aqua
Sheepish Grey
black multipaws
Christmas Paws
RAinbow Paws
Neon Paws
Mini Paws
Bad to the Bone
Treat Bones
Blue Bones
Dog Collars
Bones & Paws
Mini Pooches
Bunny Hops
Playful Hares Taupe
Playful Hares Aqua
Leaping Lapins Green
Leaping Lapins Pink
Dotty Bunnies
Lilac Hares
Cream Hares
Msutard Hares
March Hares
Blue Bunnies & Toadstools
Stone Bunnies & Toadstools
Coal Bunnies & Toadstools
Yellow Bunnies & Toadstools
:Lime Bunnies & Toadstools
Pink Bunnies & Toadstools
Fab Foxes (Mini) Black
Fab Foxes Aqua
Fab Foxes Pink
Fab Foxes Grey
Fab Foxes Blue
Bushy Foxes
Festive Foxes Pink
Festive Foxes Blue
Festive Foxes Green
FoxyLoxy Navy
Tiny Foxes
Sleepy Foxes Grey
Sleepy Foxes Pink
Sleepy Foxes Blue
Mr Fox
Sly Foxes
Mustard Foxes
Green Fox Scatter
Pink Mini Foxes
Blue Mini Foxes
Nacy Mini Foxes
Frolicking Foxes Blue
Frolicking Foxes Gold
Fox tumble
Sitting Foxes
Grid Foxes Green
Grid Foxes Blue
Midnight wood;and
Enchanted Deer
Gummy Bears