Welcome to Izzy & Finn's!

Hi! My name is Felicity and I am the lady who makes all of these wonderful goodies. They are all handmade by just me in Leicestershire, UK. I don't have any sewing helpers (although at times I do wish the whippets beasts would learn!)

I specialise in Sighthound collars and attire but I do also make collars and leads for other breeds and there are some kitty collars on the website too

As well Izzy and Finn and our newest addition baby Olive (aka the whippet beasts) we have cats, snakes, chickens and a newt, there is also Mr I&F here too! You'll see him helping on the stall at shows but other than that he likes to keep a low profile

I tried to teach him to sew once but it didn't go well so he just sticks to helping out at shows and if I'm lucky he might bring me the occasional cup of tea

I hope you enjoy looking through the website

There are some ready made stock items but mainly everything is now made to order

You'll find the made to order collars in the Create Your Own Collar section where you can choose your own fabric from the gallery, select your size, collar type etc and I will make it for you (open a bottle of wine for browsing the gallery as there's quite a lot of choice!)

As most items on the website are made to order, you'll find more details of how to order and view fabric options in each individual listing along with turnaround times

Be sure to follow the 'How to Measure' guides for collars, coats, jammies and tankies so you can choose the best size for your hound

There is now a frequently asked questions section but if you can't find an answer to your questions there then please contact me and I'll be happy to help

Keep checking back as I'm always adding new products and fabrics

Happy Shopping! :)