Swirls Paisley & Spots Fabrics

Here you can find all the swirls, paisley & spots fabric for collars

All the fabrics state the fabric design name and what collar width they are suitable for. Please take note of this as not all fabrics are suitable for all widths of collars

This is just a fabric gallery, you can order the collars through the create your own collar listing here

Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. For further information please refer to the colour disclaimer here

Rainbow Rolls
90s Swirls
Rainbow Swirls
Pink Floral Swirls
Red Floral Swirls
Green Swirls
Navy Swirls
Metallic Swirls
Sonic Swirls
Stripey Swirls
Purple Supernova
Moko Green
Moko Red
Metallic Ferns Jade
Metallic Ferns Berry
Feather Leaves
Carnival Paisley
Bubble Paisley
Utopian Swirls
Coral Paisley
Mini Purple Paisley
Light Purple Paisley
Orange Paisley
Purple Lava
Blue Lava
Metallic Lava
Rainbow Lava
  • Metallic Marble - Suitable for all collar widths
  • Metallic Marble
Red Metallic Marble
Pastel Marble
Rainbow Manes
Ink Splash
Inkscape Jade
Inkscape Orange
Palazzo Turquoise
Palazzo Royal
Spotty Dotty
Spots & Stripes
Dot Dot Dash
Aurelia Circles
Funky Circles
Party Circles
Dotty Spirals
Bubblegum Spots
Mardi Gras
Pink Confetti
Turquoise Confetti
Magic Marbles
Rainbow Marbles
Burnt Ombre
Paw Spots
Geodes Blue
Geodes Red
Rainbow Scrolls