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A martingale collar is a specially designed walking collar made with two loops. The back loop goes over the dog's head and is adjusted to fit, the front loop has the D ring for attaching a lead and will gently tighten if your dog pulls.

The difference between the full martingale collar and the half martingale is the width of the front loop. The front loop of the full martingale is the same width as the back loop of the collar whereas with the half martingale the front loop is a thinner width than the back loop of the collar

Functionality wise there is no difference but if your dog wears both a house collar and a martingale collar when on walks you may prefer to opt for the half martingale style to reduce the bulk around the neck

The half martingales are made with a velvet covered front loop to match the colour of the lining of the collar and the full martingales are made with the same patterned fabric on the front loop as the rest of the collar

Click here for the how to fit a martingale collar guide

If you are looking for a collar just for your hound to wear their tags on and not for walking then I would recommend the house collar or braided or cork tag collars 

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